CENTRO DE FORMACIÓN podologia equina


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- Equine podiatry seminars for private equestian centers, associations, universities etc...         Where we present F Balance hoof triming concept and its importance in horses body balance, apycable in barefoot or shoed horses. At the sessions, we work through the theory include actual cases from the scientific studies made by the veterinary University of Leipzig, Germany, in which Alejandro Asensio was worked as assistant to Daniel Anz and Dr. Jenny Hagen.

We include practical demonstrations on horses, including the possibility of involvement of the participants, the seminars are organized specifically for each facility or entity depending on the time and resources available.


- BOOTING Seminars, The use of boots and equine plastics shoes whit flexible materials is growing worldwide, providing the needs for the horse hoofs about protection, allowing native flexibility, and even the horse barefoot much of the time. These materials are proving successfully in all equestrian disciplines including high level endurance competitions, with very good results.At the seminars we work about the proper handling of materials and tools, adaptation and placement of the news spanish horse boots, the “floatingboots” www.bootsforhorses.es

Its differents models, the " trainer" daily management, easy to remove and put on, usefull when we walk or train the horse, and the "competition" model  which we placed glued to the hoof wall with a durability even more than the horseshoe.

Deeper into the material preparation, specific hoof trimming, boots adaptation for optimal fit, glue-on techniques, placement of studs and other possible modifications.

If you are interested in organizing one of our seminars contact us and receive all information without any commitment.