CENTRO DE FORMACIÓN podologia equina

Porrúa F-Balance Academy 

The village of Porrúa in Eastern Asturias, is the locate of the first academy on F-Balance concept in Spain, and joins the three existing F-Balance academies in Germany and the new academy in Patagonia, Argentina.

 Why the F-Balance 
Experience has shown that many podiatrists say practice the concept, but in most cases there is a lack of understanding of it and bad practice. In order to protect and disseminate knowledge responsibly, Daniel Anz began certification centers that control their practice. Currently, and in the future, only the equine podiatrists with its certificate will have the knowledge necessary for correct application of the concept.

What is the F Balance Academy?                                                        

In our F Balance Academy Porrúa, you can access to the following phases of formal training.

- F Balance Practical Initiation course: intensive 2 days course, where attendees can deepen and improve the method of trimming hooves following the F Balance concept applied to the barefoot horse and shod horse , the course includes theoretical and practical sessions in hooves and horses. Initial cycle of formal training for professionals, owners and riders how access to all information and practical, obtaining the F Balance practical Initiation certificate.

- Training for professionals: Once the F Balance practical Initiation certificate  is obtained,  you can Access to the official exam for professional. F Balance Certified Hoofcare PROFESSIONAL , this certification is granted when the wizard fails to meet the essential knowledge and skills needed to make a correct work. You should be able to trim horse hoofs correctly on any horse with any kind of imbalance and latero- medial deviation. 

The official exam can be made the last day at practical Initiation courses or at subsequent courses. 

 The PROFESSIONAL certification is granted by Daniel Anz www.danielanz.com                                                                                                      And allows the holder to apply the concept correctly under the support of Daniel Anz. In turn, enables you to enter your personal data in  the F Balance website, in order to be applied for those who want service from anywhere in the world.


Attendees who successfully pass the exam at the F Balance academy Porrúa, receive the official certificate F Balance Certified Hoofcare PROFESSIONAL, 3 large stickers to attach to the vehicle, 1 small to adhere to the same windshield decal , receive a unique QR code plus and an unique number. The QR code can be distributed within their advertising materials in order that potential customers enter the F Balance site and Access to the data and history of the certified podiatrist, verifying, in turn, the authenticity of the certification.

The courses are open to owners, riders and non-professional hoof trimmers, who will have access to all information and practice the three days of the course, but without access to professional certification exam.  

Training and specialization is necessary!!!
The F-Balance concept is the only one that allows a hooftrim 100% natural and 100% provide the horse balance, significantly increasing performance and preventing and curing a wide range of diseases and conditions in hoofs, muscles, bones and joints.